Investment Approach

Most traditional wealth advisors focus exclusively on your investment management such as retirement investing, estate planning, and financial planning. Novus Wealth Advisors uses a different approach because we understand that the full measure of your life’s wealth transcends your financial wealth. We recognize that your life’s wealth is a comprehensive view of all the value you have created in your life, as well as the goals and objectives you have planned and have yet to reach. The bottom line is that we manage money differently from our competitors, and we embrace approaches and philosophies that set us apart from traditional wealth advisors.

Novus Wealth Advisors provides exclusive services for clients with a minimum of $200,000 to invest. This allows us to offer the highest possible level of wealth management services and develop close, productive and long-term relationships with every client we serve. As your goals and needs change, we’ll offer solutions designed to meet your changing needs so you will have the confidence to proceed with the plan that will help you work towards reaching your life goals.